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The XRP Ledger Foundation today released the updated list of UNL Validators.

The XRP Ledger Foundation today released the updated list of UNL Validators. The total number of Validators always remains 35 however 3 Validators are replaced by 3 new ones.In particular, the following are An active and well-known member of the XRPL ecosystem. A dedicated infrastructure operator, with both hubs and a validator. They bring a new geographic location for a UNL validator. nHBVACxZaNbUjZZkBfj7gRxF3xgG2vbcP4m48KzVwntdTogi5Tfs: An NFT-related project on the XRP Ledger. They have demonstrated commitment to continuing to operate high-quality infrastructure. Finally, the following are removed: : nHBgiH2aih5JoaL3wbiiqSQfhrC21vJjxXoCoD2fuqcNbriXsfLm

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Spot ETF Net Inflows Drop 80% as Bitcoin Slips Below $69,000

BlackRock’s ETF saw the largest inflows, at $350 million, compared to Grayscale’s $250 million in outflows.US-based Bitcoin spot ETFs (ETFs) had one of their lowest net inflow days on March 14, with just $132 million, the lowest level in eight trading days, down by 80% compared to March 13th.Thursday’s sharp decline marked the second consecutive day of declines. On Wednesday, inflows reached 684 million, a decline of 38.3% compared to March 12. In contrast, Tuesday saw a record single-day inflow of 1.05 billion.Total fund flows into ETFs stood at 390 million on March 14, while the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ETF

Gemini’s Response in Echoes of the Ripple Case in SEC Lawsuit. SEC 소송에서 리플 사건의 메아리에 대한 Gemini의 대응.

Gemini, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency exchange arena, has delivered a firm response supporting its motion to dismiss the complaint filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the company. The SEC’s lawsuit centers on Gemini’s crypto asset lending program, Gemini Earn, which the regulatory body contends involves the offer and sale of securities. However, the legal team representing Gemini counters this assertion by highlighting the SEC’s lack of explicit identification regarding the nature of the security being discussed. This recent response brings into focus the critical distinction between the act of issuing a “security” and the

XRP Demonstrates Bullish Signal Amid Trader Capitulation, Reports Crypto Analytics Firm. XRP, 거래자 항복 가운데 강세 신호 시연, 암호화 분석 회사 보고

In an analysis conducted by Santiment, a renowned crypto analytics firm, XRP is displaying a “slight bullish sign” amidst trader capitulation, distinguishing itself from other digital assets that are experiencing mild profit-taking. Santiment explains that XRP is demonstrating a relatively lower level of trader capitulation compared to other cryptocurrencies, which suggests a higher likelihood of value appreciation. This historical pattern indicates that coins with a higher ratio of losses to profits tend to experience price increases. As of the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.483. Over the past 24 hours, it has witnessed a modest increase of 0.81%,


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